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Dama Komur Metal Ithalat Ihracat Sanayi ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi has last technology production line in his factory with 4000 m2 closed plant in 15000 m2 land which takes place in Nigde city Our Company Supply Interior Doors , Steel Doors and Pvc & Aluminium products
COSKUNSU BATUPEN COMPANY The foundations of our company were laid by Ismail COSKUNSU in the first months of 1993. While it was a small-scale manufacturing plant, it grew rapidly and in 1998 Coskunsu Batu Pen Limited Company was established. In 2000, a workshop was established in Russia and an international breakthrough was made in the PVC sector. 7 years in Turkey and Russia has successfully maintained its back to Turkey after the PVC industry. Our company has entered the construction sector and has become one of the reliable and leading companies in the construction sector by building reliable, robust, comfortable and modern architecture buildings. In 2004 Ege Pen Deceuninck became a distributor of a total of 7,000 m2. Machines used in the production area of ​​Turkey's No. 1 manufacturer of CNC machine brand Kaban machine is fully automatic machines started. Coskunsu Batu Pen Ltd. has a production capacity of 45.000 / 50.000 meters per month. Ltd. Sti., With the latest system and technology automation machines, professional production and administrative staff makes production with the principle of "Zero error, perfect service" principle and on this path without breaking the stance is progressing. Ege Pen Producer Distributorship was crowned by Ege Pen Region Producer Distributor in 2012. Mission Our quality production, R & D activities and the use of current technology needs of our customers that fully meets the Aegean Region holding in his standing quality behind the work and satisfaction in the forefront is to open a new era in the construction sector in Turkey and European countries especially. Vision With the expert staff who follow and use new technologies; is to be the best and available service provider in the sector by working with entrepreneurial, discreet, customer-oriented focus. Targets To provide mutual and balanced benefits in relations with customers, suppliers and employees. To ensure the continuity of the organization by focusing on excellence in production quality, capacity, interaction with environment, competitiveness and determination, and increasing profitability. Coskunsu Batu Pen Ltd. Sti. With its knowledge and experience of nearly 50 trained and well-trained personnel, the company continues to provide services in all areas of its business by adopting environmentally friendly production systems without sacrificing quality and by constantly following the global interactions and technology. Our company has become a brand with its problem-free and complete solution at the promised time and has a big share in the sector.
In our country and all over the world, shutter systems has become the mandatory in the living areas. Development of technology to gain new dimensions, new functions, and covers different areas. Magicroller (Monoblock) Shutter Systems also developed by these developments in mind the needs of its own line systems have been carried out blinds. Our company is still on going and will complete all projects, to reach the target is seen as a step. In our production base; high-quality raw materials, specialized in control of the production staff and 100% customer satisfaction carefully monitored by the policy are produced. Our company offers customers the positive references to continue growth and Turkey's goal of producing companies took place between deserved. However, the Turkish and foreign firms with the leaders in the construction industry is working in cooperation. Magicroller (Monoblock) Shutter Systems can be applied to all fronts and in architecture, with large color alternatives in a way that produced a very elegant and can be applied to doors and windows of all buildings are designed. Our upvc shutter systems can be applied to buildings under construction, the assembly is extremely easy monoblock shutter system and every part is functional. Also adds aesthetic value to buildings Magicroller (Monoblock) Shutter Systems indoors from the outside to avoid or completely shaded area offers privacy. Moreover, cold in winter, in summer and heat from the sun's eye-catching light to protect the insulation provides sound like. Therefore, with energy-saving features will contribute to environmental protection. Seal system, the maximum level Monoblock Magicroller shutters and blinds and economic needs of the flapper in a complete system solution is reached. With the front surface of the stone building to protect the integrity and shutters box image does not cause aesthetic pollution, such as exterior shutters should wear on the edges due to rain does not leak. Systems, such as galvanized and steel shutters built in time for the corrosion problem Magicroller (Monoblock) Shutter Systems uninhabitable. Lamella and the box in different sizes and different size of the alternative solutions to door and window space can be created. Put in the box to the desired state of the isolation material can be provided extra isolation. Maintenance and cleaning of the inside of buildings is done by opening the lid of the box. Window and door profile, the same colors used in the coating is combined with the color of your shutters Profiles buildings for aesthetic and string. Recent technological developments in light shade system with special accessories added to the engine systems the button with blinds, remote controlled, wind, rain and night-day cencored even gsm network and the internet you can check Magicroller (Monoblock) Shutter Systems can be provided with. In line with the wishes of our customers we do work with partners that offer different options .Our company has a rich portfolio of products with aluminum lamella. ISO 9001 and CE certified polyurethane filled with imported aluminum lamella profiles wear, friction against climatic conditions and dust, has a 2 year international warranty. Whether you like manual system of motorized shutter systems are necessarily of living space has become. Therefore, the value of buildings and improve the aesthetics of monoblock shutter systems Magicroller (mono) Shutter Systems and TS EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate of brand name manufacturers who KESKES PLASTIK TEXTILE MACHINERY INDUSTRY AND TRADE LTD. Co. and continue every day to produce the target is magnified.
If you always want more in the constantly developing "Automatic Door" sector, you are at the right place. UPGATE, a CA Automation brand, produces automatic doors with photocell/radar/sensor, sliding or 90 degree opening. By following all the innovations in the world market, we are trying to produce the best in our country and to offer long-lasting and high quality products to the end user.
The roots of the WiNDOLiNE PVC Window and Door systems date back to 1982 by Ozcam (Glass Factory). Windoline PVC Window and Door systems produce with an annual capacity of 10,000 tons. WINDOLINE has built a solid business relationship with consumers through more than 100 distributors and dealers spread around the world. Our vision; To provide innovative service beyond expectations. Our Mission; To be reliable. Our strategy; Follow Technology and Innovations, Give Importance to Quality, Invest in the Future. TECHNOLOGY AND QUALITY CONTROL Complete and uninterrupted quality control at every stage of production, from raw material acceptance to profile production, ensures continuous reliability. The effect of external factors such as sunlight, rain, humidity, seasonal temperature differences on WINDOLINE PVC Window and Door Systems is tested in a laboratory environment with advanced technology machinery and laboratory devices according to TSE 5358 EN 12608 and RAL-GZ 716/1. The thermal insulation coefficients of the WINDOLINE series are as follows according to EN Standards (EN 10077, DIN 52619-3 and 4108). 3 CHAMBERS SERIES Up = 1.7 w / m2 K (with reinforcement steel) 4 CHAMBERS SERIES Up = 1.4 w / m2 K (with reinforcement steel) 5 CHAMBERS SERIES Up = 1.3 w / m2 K (with reinforcement steel) SOUND INSULATION Sound insulation coefficients of WINDOLINE series are as follows according to EN Standards (DIN 4109); Depending on the glass combination, it meets up to 42 db.
We are producing u-pvc and aluminium doors , windows in Istanbul since 2000 ,We have Rehau and Poliwin brands. We use u-pvc profile system Rehau and our local brand Poliwin. In aluminium profile sytems we have local and European brands. Our factory have full automation system with cnc profile processing machines in 1.700 sqm closed area. We have automation system in pvc window and door processing. We export to France , Germany ,Sweden ,Iraq , Turkmenistan , Equetireal Guinea and Mozambique. Our windows have premier quality. We have references worldwide. We are preferred by the well known contractors in Turkey and in other countries. You can check our company's web site for the production facility and the references.
Since its establishment in 2004, Hamas Endustri A.S. has been designing, producing and applying products to many different projects with its experienced staff. Masterslide, which provides service to the construction sectors by manufacturing finished and semi-finished products with sliding door mechanisms, continues to design different products by continuously renewing itself.
Our firm has been established in 1990 as a continuous of our carpentry career. Our vision was following the technology evolution in the field of construction materials and utilizing it to develop new production lines of PVC, aluminum, and wooden carpentry. Our mission is working professionally to obtain the trust of our clients and become reputable trade mark in our country and worldwide. Our experienced team receives all inquires of clients and try to find the best solution according to the budget of project. Trust, quality , affordable price are the base of our growth
our company with 5 brands, technological product range, professional installation and service personnel and various product range newface provides full support to its customers (Pergole Awning, Cassette Awning, Window Awning, Camellia Awning, Decorative Awning, Bat awning, Classic Awning, Suspended stretching systems, Single and Multiple Car Garage, Aluminum Systems, Prefab House, Hangar, Glass Balcony Systems, Folding Glass, Sliding Glass, Guillotine Glass, Totem, Signboard, BBQ, Bakery Oven, Surface Cleaner Chemical,)
We manufacture and supply many types of window systems such as PVC and guillotine. We have been operating in this sector over 20 years. Our main export area is Middle East.
In 1994 company started its activities in the aluminum profiles and static powder paintingsector. In 2009 company took into service 1,500 m2modern aluminum store in Dudullu, thereby had brought a new breath and conception to the sector. In 2011 factory with 5300 m2closed area in Yenidogan, designed as store market, having a wide range of aluminum profilesystem products, with the latest and all new systems, minimum 650 tons in stock, had been established to meet all architectural requirements and all needs in composite panels, sandwich panels, sheet types and sector accessories. In order to meet the customer needs in automatic shutters and blinds, Yavuz Metal with highly qualified staffof specialists offers quick solutionswithout sacrificing quality. Provide quality service, supplying composite panels and sheets, quickly and flawlessly performing the necessary processing of special constructions. Yavuz Metal having in its arsenal all kinds of machine tools and auxiliary products necessary in the aluminum industry, as well as from special design molds to profile production, thereby providing support at every step to help both domestic and overseas customers in realizing the dreams in life. With a monthly production painting capacity of 200 tons, company provides its customers with the ability to impeccable paint any metal in any color. With a wide range of products, striving in the best way to meet the needs of customers, Yavuz Metal with an experienced team of experts, quickly and at a high level provides its services to its customers. Company Yavuz Metal, quickly and comprehensive tracking of technological advances of its sector, continues to provide its customers with innovative solutions and products.